Monday, November 17, 2008 have something to say???

So- While we're on the subject of Kanye...yes we all are a bit tired of the ongoing personal cheersquad he's managed to staple to his ego- but if the criticism is to rain hard on Kanye, let it rain from someone whose artistic integrity stands a bit higher than taking me to the candy shop-

Spokes-writer from hiphopdotcom states "I’m not really feeling that Kanye shit so far but I haven’t heard anything super great from 50 Cent either, the Get Up joint is good for about 3 spins and thats it, I’m not gonna even go into this Ja Rule RnB album Kanye is making right now- but 50? Cmon dog, you'll neva get a grammy- your first album was the best."

Here's what 50 seems to have to say- or not say...he's a man of many words- or maybe just 'many men' hahah- except he kicked all his many men off the island...hmm

Well 50- first off, you and Kanye have one thing in common and thats fake teeth- him for the accident and you for your war wounds- that you make albums about. Now, down to the nitty gritty- what do you do for HipHop besides add more bad fashion to urban clothing at a ridiculous price at Macys, and keep your decent tracks for non-radio? bout nothing...Do I like Kanye? Used to- do I appreciate this journey he's on? Not so sure- but you? lets just say that you, Tony Yayo, and Lloyd Banks are gonna need to do some new recruiting real soon before you get dick slapped once more by bad record sales.

And to you Kanye; I'm really hoping this existential quest for a new sound will take you back to the original Zapp and Roger times- to remind you once more that those were TIMES to say the least- old times my friend. You can't just take a taiko drum, bird calls, and a voice changer to make innovation- thats just called tribal blue grass music my friend.

-the lady of many thoughts
l. dub (haha aka lindsay)

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