Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beyonce - Diva

and here is Beyonce`s Diva video. . .it was....ok. kind of boring, didnt really keep my interest. as a dancer i always love the dance sections and she is gettting some really good choreo but this video didnt really make use of it and it felt awkward to me. she doesnt have to keep doing the single ladies trio. single ladies was a crazy dope video and lets leave it at that and try something new this time...thats just a quick run down of how i feel. let me know what you think !!

peace. love. & hhh.


Marcos P said...

Hmmm...The first thing I noticed: Who really walks like that? It looks artificial and forced (as well as a lil shakey). But overall, the video doesn't seem original. I feel like every 30 seconds, I was thinking to myself, "Oh, this reminds of this video. and that reminds of that other video." It's like, the style of the video is being copied from other notorious, great videos. From Missy, to Ciara, even to the Single Ladies.

As for the fashion element, I give props to the stylist. Great, and inspiring choices. Street style, avant-garde, and "diva"-ish cloths. Yes, cloths, not clothes. Those sunglasses! wicked. and the last outfit before they cut to her "EXIT," was amazing. Even though they only showed it for 1/2 a second.

-kk said...

haha i love that Marcos P !! :)