Saturday, January 10, 2009

...&nd Other Shit--- not even the OPD (Oakland Police Department)- Oak BART police; Murder of Oscar Grant

Sometimes, when I think of where I'm from, I think about culture, diversity, a sort of mellow and laid back mentality that many socal-ers lack.. But then on the flip side, I think of ignorance, power struggles, murder rates, and the police. We, on average, have a murder rate of 145 deaths per year, generally under the age of 25-some of whom I knew in high school who dated my peers-others who I danced with..sad to say. But now that I've moved away, I try not to think about it- until shit like this happens

22 year old Hayward father Oscar Grant was shot and killed new years morning around 2am at Fruitvale Bart Station in Oak...which trips me out because that was my best friend and ex's bart exit that i took at least 4 times a week in HS...but anyways..Him and his friends were pulled off the Bart train for allegedly having fought earlier in the night- though no proof..were detained by a female Bart officer who had the situation under control while waiting for backup... the suspects were unarmed and waiting on the ground- patiently. After the other officers arrived, you can see in the video, them harassing the others while trying to keep the crowd calm...Oscar puts his hands up while sitting against the wall, three officers push him to the ground and pin him- choking him- and one of the three Bart officers ( aka top flight security) physically drew out his weapon and shot Grant in the upper spine, which ricocheted back into his chest. He died several hours later in the Highland Hospital in Oakland. According to the brother of his girlfriend, his last words were "Please don't tase me, please don't shoot me, I have a daughter."

What the fuck--
L Dub aka Linds~

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HipHopHippy said...

wow that is so crazy...i see history soon repeating itself


or is our generation too weak and far removed from making things right in this world that they just wont care...?

PEACE. LOVE. & hhh.