Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday L dub

Hey everyone...just turned the magical deuce deuce. Here are some 'short and sweet' photos from the night. Enjoy!

The ladies all bundled up into one pic.Bad bitches unite!

Me and my Pooh

KK trynna support Dezzys groove efforts.. suuccessss??? haha KK says not so much

Thank you to everyone for making it such a wonderful week. Not that I'm any sort of Guru, but I'd like to make it my goal that pessimism is to be left behind this next year, only to open the door for positivity, creative flow, and success. Love you all. xo

Linds~ aka L Dub

1 comment:

LiZPaiGe said...

YAAYY fun fun it go head & do ur guru talkin boo i can dig it...
in other news....not sure if i can fuck with that gucci bandana below LMAO wanna be there with yall but eeemmm....haha