Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Look For Less? Gucci Vs. Madden

On the set of the Dell commercial, I fell in love with a models Gucci studded heel booties... Of course, naiiiiive me- I asked where she'd gotten them and she abruptly put me in my place, "They're a fashion show". After feeling relatively stupid, I redeemed myself when we spoke later and became set friends- so it wasn't a complete burn. Needless to say, Steve Madden has released his immitation: the "Marrvel" studded bootie- and I'm not 100% sold on whether or not this satisfies the sexy quench in me- obviously, it's Gucci folks...but lets not pretend we haven't found great steels from places we'd rather not mention (or that def. aren't Gucci) be the judge:


I dunno- I think if the heel studs had been gold, and we nixed the peep toe and made the front velvet- it'd be realllly close...kind of a miss for me- but hey maybe not for you. You can find these Marrvels on the SteveMadden website- Just type in Marrvel in the search.

Linds~ aka Ldub


superstar said...

the sm are cute but they dont have nothin on the gucci

Kristina said...

yo...I just got the SICKEST Steve Madden heels for $29 and I swear I could run a friggin marathon in them! Nothing like sexy, stylish, comfy shoes at a hood price! Lovez it