Friday, April 3, 2009

Twitter Makes Me Twitter (and not in a good way)

Call it what you want- call me what you want-- but Twitter has to be the most ridiculous, stupid, and most technologically brainwashing thing I've ever heard of...First off- let me explain why Twittering, in addition to so many other things we deem important on the internet, makes us followers... It's pretty pathetic that we consider looking up peoples' status' more important than things like- the news- or... even leaving your appliance for heaven forbid, longer than a few hours (o wait we dont have to because we can take our blackberry with us that allows us to check evvverrrryything), to actually experience life outside the internet...I'm pretty sure people knew more about the changes on Facebook than anything that happened with say--Obamas new economic plan- which, I'm sorry, is sad.

In todays 'news', Demi Moore saved someone's life because of Twitter.

Reports claim that a female twitterer by the name of 'Sandieguy' twittered to the star "I'm just wondering if anyone cares that I'm gonna kill myself now". She continued on, writing to Moore once again, "Getting a knife, a big one that is sharp. Going to cut my arm down the whole arm so it doesn't waste time," alarming the actress, who then wrote, "Hope you are joking," meantime this scenario being shared with 400,000 twittering followers. The California San Jose police became flooded with concerned twitterer calls, who expressed their dismay for the situation they witnessed. The girl was reported to have been checked in to an institution for help, and the twitterers and celebs saved the day. The end.... I mean come on... The police even went so far as to say, "This Twitter concept is so new, this is the first time it's led us to what could have been a very real crime. This could be yet another tool to find out what's going on out there."

Well at least someone can do their job better than they can lol
Linds~ aka L Dub

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Diggy said...

i agree i dont get twitter. why do u need to know where everyone is at every moment. kinda creepy if u ask me :/