Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Music from PAC DIV

Pac Div presents Church League Champions


This album plesently surprised me. The Pac Div mixtape seems to be a perfect blend of what I love about older artists while keeping it new, fresh and different. Being a lover of Slum Village and Tribe, I tend to notice similarities or sounds inspired by these artists. I saw this inspiration through their rhyme scheme and their dope melodies, through their creative and intriguing lyrics. But there is something very new and fresh about their sound at the same time. I see honesty in Pac Divs music that I dont find in many of todays artists. Not only are they dope lyricists but their production is crazy! Swiff D of Pac Div is a monster (producing all but 1 track on the mixtape). He and the other members of Pac Div did a great job of selecting tracks for this mixtape that seem to hold a common thread and remain true to, as far as I know, their style, while having a diverse mix of songs. I would definitely recommend you download this mixtape and I expect to see great things from this group.

download here...

peace. love. & hhh.

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