Sunday, August 2, 2009


Richgirl is hot! they are the opening act for Beyonces "I AM..." tour
Theyre cute, can sing, and looks like they can dance pretty well...cant wait to see more

Heres theyre first video 'He Aint With Me Now Though' -- i like theyre video.. simple and sexy ;)

Checkout their website HERE.


Eli.J said...

man, i used 2 dance f0r seveN[amber] when she was in TG4 with T.U.G::::

memories, who posted this? KK? Lindz? I wanna knoow I wanna knoow, much love 2 richGirl. GO GET EM LADIES, then come get me after. (;

HipHopHippy said...

lol i did -Kk