Tuesday, August 11, 2009

something 4 ur ears.

So today I went to Joyrich on melrose and a guy in the store commented on a button i have on my purse...its a button that was to promote Nas album 'hip hop is dead' and i had crossed out the 'dead' and wrote on it 'alive!'. so he noticed my button and the result was a conversation about hip hop music...which is one of my favorite things to talk about...anyways all this to say that in my opinion there is dope music & hip hop music out in the world...just not really on the radio. most people dont go out and look for music like a bunch of my friends and i do. so hopefully by me putting out a few different mixtapes (which are free!) and also trying to share music that i really like on here...a few...maybe...will find something new and better then the flo-rida bullshit on the radio. i mean...do ur thing bro thanks...but no thanks.

soooo....in effort to spread good music to the world here is a DOPE album just release a few days ago from..
Amanda Blank - 'I love you'


yes, she is rapping but i wouldnt categorize this as 'hiphop' music. its definitely electronic but with a hiphop & dance flare.
but whatever it is or whatever u wanna call it....ill just say its dope! lol

so if u like good music and want to support the seemingly dying music world...pic this cd up on itunes!
For her myspace click HERE.

peace. love. & hhh.

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Marcos said...

Love me some amanda blank. the albums is rad... not just because it's different, but because it's entertaining AND DIFFERENT. Each track is different from the other... bringing unique styles and genres into one palette. You have hip hop-funky with stanky lyrics, then you have the fun electro with street vibe and ridiculous catch phrases that puts lady gaga to shame. Good stuff. Love you Kay Kay