Friday, August 28, 2009

You Have To Lose In Order To Win; Public Option Within Health Care

Here's some food for thought folks. And while I may become a martyr for what I am saying, I'd rather "lose in order to win" as greatly phrased through the wise words of one of the most amazing journalists Bill Moyers.
Obama campaigned for many ideas but the two that caught my attention and more often than not that of the rest of the world, were the war 'on terror', and healthcare- pulling out troops, and universal aid for all.
Well......... now, the troops are staying, more are going, Obama has recently claimed importance on this so-called war on terror despite campaigning the polar opposite, and finally, this very vague phrase coined for universal healthcare, the "public option", which in essence means, free healthcare for the growing 50 million people in this country that can't afford it, have lost their jobs, or have had increased costs within their current plans, is going down in flames.
It's reminding me that at the end of the day, money is the root of all evil, a politician is always a politician, and Obama, while he inspires me in so many ways, is not so inspiring right now. I would so rather see him fall in a fight for all the things we stood behind him for, rather than cop out into the hands of the billion dollar industry that sadly funds so much of the scaredy-cat democratic party.
I understand this is HHH and we're not supposed to talk about anything but clothes and music and trendy this n that. But voting is only half the battle and while I consider this article short, and others may pin this as a bougie college essay, and could write forever, understand that there is more to fight for after the election, and in the same way conservatives get their asses out and fight and argue over their anti this and anti that, think about your moral obligation to voice your needs and concerns- you deserve what you voted for and I wish us liberals would liberate our so very cripple country.
Wake up Obama- wake up America and take a stand for your needs. We consider ourselves so successful and yet our healthcare system is ranked 37th in the world, spending the most money out of anyone, with 50 million uninsured-more becoming unemployed- and more uninsured....Think about it...
Yours truly,
xo p.L.&hhh
L Dub~

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