Monday, October 20, 2008

intro to the worlds finest....

Ducos AKA Babybird~ AKA Lindsay-may AKA I've run out of names

I have learned within writing this blog alone, after many re-edits, that I have too much to say- so maybe that will let you know a little bit about where I'm coming from...I'm French (born in Paris) and culture, dance, music, love, fam, friends, democrats, etc...(amongst many other things). HATE people who disregard the world and everything in it but themselves, drama q's, doo doos, and people who like to hurt other ppls feelings for fun.
(guilty pleasure: cheasy love songs and rappers with bomb ass beats and wack ass lyrics)

Peace n luv to all the people who love life and love to love others- HHH...gotta love it! xoxo

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