Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Busta---Kissin' The Curb?


I have a slight feeling I may come off as an elitist on this blog at times..but don't get it twisted...I just hate ignorant people. Busta Rhymes "Arab Money"...not the smartest song in the world- and probably a little culturally ignorant considering our world circumstances(although getting Arab money could mean one of two things: complete wealth or detrimental poverty- take your pick).

Unfortunately, Busa Bus decided to release his new single "kissin' the curb", which I heard this morning on XM- o excuse me now XL radio (huge mistake mind you). Now, the verses are pretty predictable- a few 'oew that was nice' lines; The Game comes through and spits a bit of interestingness...[key word]...but when i hear "I put ya Face on the Curb N*gga" in the chorus- well it makes me think of American History X- an Edward Norton film from the 90's, where in a very graphic scene, the KKK member makes a black man put his teeth on the curb, and he proceeds to kick his face in until he dies(this was really common back in the days of forced labor).

Now-in acadamia land (hate to go there but thats why I paid 20 g's a year for my degree thank you!), we talk about this 'oppressed becomes the oppressor' shit all the time- but now that we have a black president- who just elected a black attorney general, can we have peace amongst the race before we kill each other off ourselves? and por favor- if we are gonna kill each other, can we just leave it at bang bang snatched your chain? or something corny like that- I can do without the face in the curb lyrics..I can picture my 11 yr old sister now watching the o so awful 106n park, singing that shit in the kitchen- stop please- no more no more...thats about as disturbing as the image of Plies fucking my bellybutton(member that lyric??like- why???).....yeeeaaaahhh no thanks

L Dub aka Linds

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