Thursday, November 20, 2008

soulja boy tell um ur a biter?!. . .

sooo apparently there have been accusations that soulja boy stole his new dance 'bird walk' from another dance called the 'down the way' from Cincinnati Ohio. so i looked into it and found some information on this rumor. reported news of the rumor, i also looked at the comments on the bird walk video on youtube and found comments such as this one. . .

"The beat is hot and all that, but we kno that the Dance was stolen from "The Down The Way!" ...i fuck wit you Soulja Boy way back in 2006...b4 u were signed, but this aint cool!" -c218378b

heres soulja boys 'bird walk' video and the 'down the way' instructional dance video and then a lil documentary from the streets of Cincinnati on the 'down the way'

do you see any comparison?!?

peace. love. & hhh.


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