Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Jerk from Friday - 2/20

friday nite we went out to go see WACSMASH at UCLA to support our own HHH, Charm, who had a dance piece in the show
the show wassss.....interesting lol

Linds & Sara
Goofy & KingB & Kk

a few good pieces to mention were -

Choreographed and danced by Kai Hazelwood

Choreography by Emanuelle Nedelcu & Katy Hill

The Old Farmer and teh Persimmon Tree
Choreography by My-Linh Le in collaboration with the dancers

Oscar Made Me Do It
Spoken word written and performed by Turquoise Emerald Griffith

and finally....

DOE 'Daughters of Eve'
Choreographed by Charmaine Jordan

charm & kristina [who danced in charms piece]

heres the video of Charms piece at the dress rehearsal...check it out!

and just to call out the lil disrespect....the producers of the show did not give a thanks to Lindsay in the program! she was the producer of the show last year and picked the producers for this year and helped to guide them through producing the show this year....thats noooo good boo to them for that! lol but really though

and also a lil shoutout to Tida [who also danced in Charms piece] who was lookin fly

peace. love. & hhh.

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Michelle Peacock said...

I loved Charmaines Choreogrpahy!! very graceful...loved it...reminds me of LACHSA!!! :-)