Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Where is it all headed?

In efforts to redeem my Itunes Library, I went slightly bizerk in my music gathering the other evening. After it all, I feel like my Ipod is confused- as it should be since no one should only listen to one thing. One thing I noticed off the 'illegal leak' website I run to, is that it all seems like a pissing contest to see who can process the most music, the fasted- be featured the most- basically- stay the most current. There is no longer mystery, excitement, wonder, about what it is our most 'fav' artists are producing- not to mention, these supposed secret websites aren't so secret anymore, so lets not even feel special when we 'discover' our own jam (it's everywhere else too).

Here's an artist I miss- Jadakiss..New song here by Jada feat. Lil wayne called Death Wish

As excited as I am, the fact that now I see Jada trying to colab with everyone just takes the joy out of the different coasts uniting.
But then my shuffle switches to Nas' new album- the truth PS- but moving along- noticing the same trends- In this case, the Game, who recently went on 106th and Park explaining how he was going to retire because he felt he was superior to the rap 'game'(no pun intended), is now featured on mixtape after mixtape-Nas album, workin with Wayne...the list goes on.

I guess if I had a point to the article, it would be that less is sooo often more- creating mystery allows for further appreciation of the craft. There are obvious artists I adore, but just because everyone else feels they need to pee on every tree doesn't mean you must follow- Jada- stay the mystery that you are; Game- practice what you preach before you sound like Jay-Z who retired 10 years ago- Not everyone needs to turn into Lil Wayne/ Tpain- I'm all for the sounds I just don't want to get tired of my favorite ones.

Here's a song I'm listening to as we speak. Enjoy

and heres some others

Queens Get the Money - Nas
Love the Piano- very intercultural haha-

Break Ya Ankles - E-40 feat. Shawty Lo

Drop - Rich Boy

You'll Find a Way - Santogold

I'm Cheatin' - Dwele

-L Dub

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